Philippos-Marios Papalos

    Philippos-Marios Papalos was born in Karditsa and graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy in 2022. During his school years, he engaged in the study of classical music, inspired by piano lessons, highlighting opera as the ultimate auditory experience. He was first introduced to this world by his painter and music collector uncle, who exposed him to vinyl records of great artists. Since then, he has devoted himself, among other things, to the study of the genre and its history. During his university years, he frequently attended concerts at the Megaron Concert Hall.
    He holds a C2 level English language proficiency certificate and is also fluent in Italian. Part of his awarded undergraduate thesis, titled “Automated Cyber Warfare on Unmanned Systems,” was published in an article in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) electronic journal. Additionally, he is completing his postgraduate studies specializing in Information Systems Security and Cryptography.
    He has pursued amateur involvement in theater.